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5th International Sculpture Competition

mardi 28 novembre 2006, par laetitiafaenza

The aim of the non-profit-making Association « Une Oeuvre de Faïence » is to bring together contemporary artists with faience makers from Quimper.
The Association organises an international sculpture competition - in collaboration with the Departmental Breton Museum (Musée Départemental Breton) which captures the vitality of a tri-centenary tradition within the city of Quimper.
The competition is aimed at encouraging the creation of faience and at allowing for an original work of art by a contemporary artist to be commissioned. The sculpture suggested can be in any material. , it is only required that the work can be realised in faience.

The jury will select 12 finalists whose works will be exhibited in the Departmental Breton Museum in Quimper (Brittany, France) from 19th May to 25th August 2007, an event that can certainly help artists to gain recognition and exposure.

A limited edition of the winning work will be created in earthenware (136 copies) with the participation of the artist in person, to ensure that the essence of their work is preserved, as well as the confirming of the quality of its realisation (neatness of the moulding, finishing, colours etc.) - as per the pre-determined conditions mentioned in the appendices.

*Conditions of Entry :*
The competition is open to artists, artisans, designers working on their own or as a group. No theme is prescribed. The sculpture suggested can be in any material.
*Prizes :*
- Grand prix of the Association Une Oeuvre de Faïence : 4 000 €.
The jury, made of art professionals, collectors and faience experts will award The Grand prix of the Association Une Oeuvre de Faïence. The Association Une Oeuvre de Faïence will be entitled to produce 136 copies in earthenware of this awarded work.
- Prix du public : 1 500 €
During the exhibition, the visitors will be able to vote for their favourite work which will be awarded “Prix du public”

Application Deadline : April 10, 2007

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